Thank you Metal Female Voices Fest!!!!!!
posted on October 29th 2014

We are back in Greece now and we already missed you all guys!Thank you for your amazing support!!We had a BLAST!!!!!! ( in this link you can have a taste from our show at MFVF 12 " rel="nofollow nofollow" target="_blank"> )

Our official videoclip'Needle Bites' ft. Ailyn Giménez ( Sirenia ) its online!!!!!!
posted on October 29th 2014

Iliana as 'the queen of September' ( from Queens of metal page)!!!!!
posted on September 4th 2014

I 'm very happy and filled with positive emotions by your support! Thank you very much for helping me win this thing,in one of the best pages of our genre!

Support and like this page :

posted on August 25th 2014
Promo flyers for the special project on the Friday evening at Mfvf Metalfemalevoicesfest !!!!!!! Metal Female Voices United will gather 7 singers on stage who will perform their favourite cover song including me and my lovely sisters Maxi Nil, Ailyn Giménez, Karolina Pacan, Mariangela Themurtas Demurtas, Kassy Doodle Pants and Saeko Kitamae !!!!!!!!!
posted on August 24th 2014

Enemy of Reality is band of the month for Unleash The Furies!
posted on August 9th 2014

YES! 'THAN-Q ' hihihihi! Enemy of Reality is band of the month for Unleash The Furies! Thank you very much for the amazing support!!! Congrats to our new lovely friends Rearview Ghost for their amazing support and of course the other bands Dawn of Eternity, Evolvent and Ravenscry!

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