posted on October 11th 2016

Don 't miss our first show playing songs from our upcoming album, "Arakhne" at the Mfvf Metalfemalevoicesfest this October! 
Two amazing musicians will join us on stage!
Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assassins)
and Chiara Malvestiti (Therion, Crysalys)
Can 't wait!

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posted on October 11th 2016

EOR for first time at Romania /Artmania fest 2015!
posted on July 19th 2015

Less than two weeks until Artmania festival! (Sibiu/Romania) with Anathema,Apocalyptica,Saturnus and many more!

We will be on stage at 19.00, on Friday 31st of July.

Enemy of Reality supporting Anneke at Athens Greece ( first accoustic show with Choir)
posted on June 1st 2015

Live Report from our latest show at DOD fest UK!!!!!! A H U G E thank you!!!!!
posted on June 1st 2015

'Sunday's penultimate band were one of the reasons to get a ticket this year. On their first trip to the UK, Greece's Enemy Of Reality stand head and shoulders above their peers. As a band promoting their first opus, they already sound like masters of the genre. Ferocious and intense guitar work from Steelianos fought against the mystical keys by Marianthe and, not to be outdone, vocalist Iliana towers above it all with her immense voice. If anything, the one thing to take away from Dames of Darkness this year is the power behind this lady's vocals - yes it sounds great on record, but believe me, until you've seen her smash the roof on 'My Own Master' and 'Needle Bites', you have yet to fully comprehend the force that is Enemy of Reality!

The Dames of Darkness Festival 2015 UK!
posted on June 1st 2015

Thank you so much The Dames of Darkness Festival 2015, we had lots of fun & a great time meeting up with old friends and making new ones as well! Also, a huge thanks to our label, FYB-Records for arranging our transportation, providing a sound engineer and being there for us on every tour. Last but not least, many thanks to David for inviting us on this Fest and for believing in us from the very beginning.
Next show for EOR with Anneke Van Giersbergen /Trianon cinema Athens Greece!

Also NEW festival confirmed! More info soon!

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